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The Building Process


Our building process begins with a phone call (or request for us to call you). During this phone call, we go over what you are looking for in your project, and we set up a time to meet in person to discuss budgeting and finish options. From here, we always follow a uniform process to ensure our quality remains the same with each and every client:

1. We discuss and decide what will be the best building options based on your stylistic preferences, structural requirements, and budget. An approximate price range will almost always be given at our first meeting. 

2. Once a price range and style is agreed upon, a free quote is generated and an exact price is determined based on the specifications we have picked out. 

3. A contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. Included in the contract is a detailed scope of work, a payment schedule, and an estimated start and completion date. At this point, a deposit is made and materials are ordered. 

4. Before any physical work commences, Nick Stearns Construction always ensures the proper permits are pulled and all of the underground utilities are out of the way of any footings that need to be dug.

5. On day one of the physical construction process, all the designs and finishes are verified, and our construction progress begins!

6. During the entire construction process, Nick is actively on-site and ensuring all of our high standards are met with every phase of the process. 

7. After the construction of your brand new deck is completed, Nick calls for the final building inspections, and payment is received only after the final inspection and walkthrough with you are completed and you are completely satisfied. 

8. At this time, Nick ensures a thorough cleanup is completed and all equipment is taken away. Additionally, your 24 month warranty period begins with us at this time.  

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